Urgent Question on Sudan, European Scrutiny Committee and Westminster Hall Debate on Animal Testing – 26/10/21


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Yesterday was a busy day in Parliament, with four Urgent Questions allowed by the Speaker.

I was grateful for the opportunity to put a question to the Minister for Africa, Vicky Fox MP about the apparent military coup in Sudan. I asked whether the UK Government would be calling for briefing from the UN Human Rights Council, in light of the fast moving situation on the ground. You can read a transcript of my question and the Minister’s response in Hansard, or watch it on ParliamentTV.

I was then honoured to speak in the Westminster Hall debate on the animal testing e-petition, of which my constituency was one of the top ten for number of signatories. Animal welfare is a cause close to my heart, and one constituents often contact me about. In my speech I sought to highlight where public opinion on testing stands, and how the progress of modern science has presented numerous alternative options to animal experimentation. You can read a transcript of my speech in Hansard, or watch it on ParliamentTV.

I sit on the European Scrutiny Committee, which met yesterday to hold an evidence session with Lord Frost on the UK’s new relationship with the EU. I asked him for an up date on the state of play of the UK’s continued involvement in EU projects such as Copernicus and Horizon. You can read a transcript of the whole evidence session here.