Westminster Hall Debate on Provision of Community Debt Advice Services, 01/12/2021


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On Wednesday a debate was held in Westminster Hall about reductions in community debt advice services.

I was grateful for the opportunity to make three interventions during this important debate, which addressed issues faced by many in need of support across the entire UK.

I first noted how, in many of my conversations with local charities, it has become clear that they are increasingly being asked to provide debt advice, or to signpost to others that can. I asked whether the Member for Kingston Upon Hull West & Hessle (who sponsored the debate) would agree that we cannot continue to rely on the third sector to provide this service, when funding for their existing services is already becoming hard to come by. I then spoke about how difficult it can be to understand effective money management in real terms, and asked whether education could be provided earlier in life.

I also highlighted how few people are aware of the things that can be accounted for on income and expenditure forms when dealing with their debt, such as Christmas gifts, and the importance of remembering that some quality of life must be retained while making payments.

You can watch the debate on ParliamentTV.