International Trade, Business Questions, & Bosnia & Herzegovina, 02/12/2021


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Yesterday was a very busy day in the House of Commons, and I had the opportunity to speak to a number of topics in the Chamber.

First, the International Trade ministerial team appeared to respond to their oral question session. I was grateful for the chance to ask two questions during the session. First, on the importance of protecting and promoting the interests industries across the UK, with a focus on Scottish agriculture. I then asked how the Government plan to build on agreements made at COP26, to mitigate the environmental impact of trade for both imports and exports.

You can watch the question session on ParliamentTV.

Next the Leader of the House presented his weekly Business Statement, followed by questions from MPs. I highlighted a case that has been brought to me by a constituent living overseas, who has had a baby but was struggling to obtain a passport for the child. I asked the Leader to schedule a debate on the impact Passport Office delays are having on British citizens overseas.

You can read a transcript of my question in Hansard, or watch it on ParliamentTV.

Finally, the Backbench Business Committee brought a debate to the House on the quickly deteriorating political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I chose to use my time to focus on the humanitarian aspect of the crisis, highlighting the atrocities of the 1990s in the region, like the Srebrenica Massacre of 1995.

You can read a transcript of my speech in Hansard, or watch it on ParliamentTV.