Westminster Hall Debate on Asthma, and UQ on Ukraine, 07/12/2021


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Last Tuesday saw another debate in Westminster Hall on asthma outcomes in the UK, this one broader than the last about ‘Lauren’s Law’.

The Member for Strangford, Jim Shannon MP, opened by drawing on his personal experiences supporting his son with the condition. I was grateful for the opportunity to make two interventions during the debate.

First, I spoke to the need for centralised funding for research and development into asthma, and capacity for hospitals to participate in trails. I later highlighted how air pollution can be a trigger for attacks, and is believed to be linked to the increase in numbers for childhood asthma.

You can watch the debate on ParliamentTV.

Later Vicky Ford MP, Minister at the Department for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs came to the House to answer an Urgent Question on the potential for Russia invasion of Ukraine. There was much talk of sanctions and what form these may take, and President Biden’s talks with President Putin.

I took the opportunity to highlight concerns that Russia could seize the Suwalki Corridor by pushing migrants into the area, allowing them to join forces with Belarus. I asked the Minister what assessment had been made of this potential scenario, and what humanitarian aid would be given to those caught up in the fray.

You can read a transcript of my question in Hansard, or watch it on ParliamentTV.