Parliamentary Update, Week Commencing 21 March 2022


Categories: News

The week kicked off with Work and Pensions Orals, where I asked the Secretary of State what steps her department are taking to improve advertisement and take up of the Warm Homes Discount, in light of the energy price crisis. You can read a transcript of my question in Hansard, or watch it on ParliamentTV.

On Tuesday a UQ on the compensation of sub-postmasters who had been caught up in the Horizon accounting scandal was granted. I asked the Minister what steps the Government would take to ensure that in future, no other victims of such scandals would see their compensation eaten up in legal fees the way these victims had. You can read a transcript of my exchange with the Minister in Hansard, or watch it on ParliamentTV.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his Spring Statement on Wednesday, confirming rising inflation rates and the National Insurance hike. He announced a cut to fuel duty at 5p per litre, a move welcomed by road users and the HGV industry, although I will be keeping a close eye on how this cut is reflected at the pumps. He also announced that the threshold at which NI is payable would be risen so that it is in line with the rate of Income Tax. On the back of this statement, I asked the Chancellor what steps he would be taking to deliver better support for unpaid carers, who are often overlooked. You can watch my question and the Chancellor’s response on ParliamentTV.

If it is of interest, you can find a House of Commons Library briefing on the Chancellor’s statement with more detail here.