Parliamentary Update, Week Commencing 17th October 2022


Categories: News

Tuesday began with an Urgent Question to the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs about the attack on Hong Kong protesters at the Chinese Consulate in Manchester on Sunday. I asked if any discussions had been had with our international partners regarding coordinated sanctions in response to the ongoing crackdown on Hong Kong. You can read a transcript of my contribution here in Hansard or watch it here on ParliamentTv.

In the afternoon I took part in a Westminster Hall debate discussing support for kinship carers. Here I made two interventions, one to highlight the cost of raising children and the negative impact that financial stresses can have on kinship carers. And another to recognise that many children in kinship situations have additional needs which need to be recognised to access support. You can read a transcript of both of my contributions Here and here in Hansard, or watch them both on ParliamentTV, Here and Here.

On Thursday, the Secretary of State made a statement to update the House on the ongoing war in Ukraine. I asked what risks there could potentially be for the UK after the NATO Secretary General stated that NATO would consider action should Sweden or Finland come under pressure from Russia. You can read a transcript of my question here in Hansard or watch it here on ParliamentTv.